Preventing Tank Slides in Scuba Diving: Tips and Advice

Quite often we see scuba tanks sliding out of the BCD straps. This can happen on the surface and underwater and it requires immediate action. This is purely because divers didn’t learn properly how to tighten the cam-bands or bcd straps.

Click on the link below to watch the video on GUE TV of how to Secure your BC on single tank system.

Learn a very simple trick as well as the proper technique for mounting the cam-bands on a scuba tank to make it

Here are a few tips on how to prevent this problem:

  1. Try to dip your BCD tank straps in water, if possible as this will loosen the material a little and make them easier to make tighter and thus make the straps more secure
  2. After putting the bcd on and is time to tighten the strap, you will have to push the strap tight in the direction where the buckle closes.
  3. Thread the strap in the buckle hole while holding the buckle tight with your other hand
  4. Pull the strap in the direction where the buckle is closing.
  5. If the buckle is too easy to close and open, it is an indication it is not really tight; It should be hard to manipulate. You could also check by trying to move the buckle up and down and if it is tight, it shouldn’t move at all.

As a scuba diver, it’s important to communicate with your team and seek help if your tanks start to slide on the surface or underwater. If this happens on the surface, sit down immediately to reduce tension on the regulator hoses and have your team fix it. Tank slides are more common on BCDs with only one tank strap, so we recommend investing in a BCD with two straps for added security. However, even with a two-strap BCD, learning how to properly tighten the cam bands is key to preventing this problem.

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Alain Eid

GUE Instructor

Alain began his diving journey in 2010 and is now a highly qualified instructor, certified by GUE (Global Underwater Explorers) in both Fundamentals and Recreational diving. He has been teaching with GUE since 2018 and is experienced in Cave, CCR, and Technical diving. Alain finds great joy in sharing his knowledge and passion for diving through transformative courses that empower divers to reach their full potential.

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