Meet our passionate team

Alain Eid

GUE Instructor

Alain began his professional diving journey in 2012 and is now a highly qualified instructor, certified by GUE (Global Underwater Explorers) in both Fundamentals and Recreational diving. He has been teaching with GUE since 2018 and is experienced in Cave, CCR, and Technical diving. Alain finds great joy in sharing his knowledge and passion for diving through transformative courses that empower divers to reach their full potential.

Ewelina Stefanska

Co-owner and Business Development Lead

Ewelina began her diving journey in 2020 and has rapidly advanced to become a GUE Rec 2 diver. She has a passion for travel and loves to discover new and exciting places both on land and under the sea. As co-owner of Go Scuba, Ewelina is dedicated to driving the business forward with her expertise in marketing and business development, and helping it thrive.