GUE Drysuit Primer



GUE Drysuit Primer



Discover how to stay warm and dry while scuba diving in Toronto, Ontario with GUE’s Drysuit Primer course. This non-certification course is designed to teach you the proper techniques and equipment needed for drysuit diving, including buoyancy and trim practice, drysuit types and fitting, inflation systems and undergarments, and cold water diving specifics. You’ll also learn how to manage basic emergencies related to drysuit diving.

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To enroll in the GUE Drysuit Primer, you must be at least 16 years old, physically and mentally fit, a non-smoker, and able to swim. You’ll also need a physician’s written authorization for the use of prescription drugs (except for birth control) or any medical condition that may pose a risk while diving. Finally, you must be certified as an autonomous entry-level scuba diver (or equivalent) from a recognized training agency.


Whether you’re interested in diving in colder waters or simply want to learn something new, the GUE Drysuit Primer is perfect for you. This course is available to both GUE-trained and non-trained divers and can serve as a basic introduction to the GUE system.

Diving Expenses:

Please find below approximate estimates for the expenses related to diving. These amounts are to be paid directly to the corresponding parties and not covered in the course fee:

  • Course Registration on GUE’s website: $45 USD
  • Pool session: To be confirmed
  • Drysuit Rental: $100 CAD per day
  • Nitrox fees: $25 CAD per tank
  • Car fees: If the training site is located outside of Toronto or requires more than a 45 minute travel from Downtown Toronto, students are expected to cover the petrol fees.
  • Hotel fees: To be confirmed if travel is required, and the cost will be shared among all students.
  • Instructor Gas Fees will be shared among all students.

Additionally, please be aware that taxes are not included in the prices mentioned above and must be paid on top of the listed amounts.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to take your scuba diving skills to the next level. Enroll in the GUE Drysuit Course today in Toronto, Ontario!


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