TItanium Backplate
Titanium Backplate – Classic



Titanium Backplate – Classic


The Titanium Backplate offers exceptional strength and durability for your diving harness system. Crafted with precision using CNC machining, the rounded edges and grooves enhance equipment lifespan. Perfect for technical diving and travel, this lightweight and corrosion-resistant backplate ensures optimal performance and reliability.

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The 2mm backplate is made of Titanium. To round the edges and grooves, we use a CNC machine. Thanks to this processing, sharp edges become rounded, prolonging the lifespan of your equipment and harness system.

Additional grooves are made on the backplate for attaching trim (cargo) pockets. This placement improves trim and balance in the water, allowing for an ideal distribution of weight across the body surface.

The high strength properties of titanium, its lightweight nature, and complete resistance to corrosion in seawater make this backplate perfect for technical diving and travel.

Made of 2mm Titanium alloy sheet special for marine environment.

Weight: 0.7 KG


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