Rinsing the Inside of Your Buoyancy Control Device: Tips and Advice

Rinsing your Buoyancy Control device from inside, the bladder, is a very important step in the cleaning process and unfortunately, I noticed that many divers don’t know how to do it properly.

The water enter the BC bladder during the dive as we press the deflate button and stays there. The sea water contain salt crystals that should be rinsed out before the bladders dries. THe salt crystals can act like pieces of glass and rupture the bag. To eliminate this, a good internal rinse is necessary.

Also, after use in a chlorinated pool, it is recommended to clean the buoyancy compensator device (BCD) immediately, as chlorinated water can quickly break down rubbers and plastics.

Click on the link to watch the video on GUE TV of How to Rinse the Inside of your BCD. www.gue.tv/programs/how-to-rinse-bcd?categoryId=991

To clean the BCD component parts, direct a stream of water into the mouthpiece of the oral inflator valve and drain the water back through the mouthpiece. It is essential to run fresh water through the bladder after every dive. To drain the water from the BCD, turn the vest upside down so that the drain hose is at the lowest point. Depress the inflator button and squeeze the vest. The sudden rush of air should force the remaining water to exit from the interior of the vest through the inflator hose. To backflush the auto inflator with clean fresh water, fill the BC (which has already been rinsed clean) and then flush out the water through the main quick disconnect fitting.

For prolonged storage, buoyancy compensators should be stored partially inflated. Store the BCD with the hose on the downward side so that residual moisture drains to the hose assembly. After a day or two, depress the inflator button to allow any residual water to drain.

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Alain Eid

GUE Instructor

Alain began his diving journey in 2010 and is now a highly qualified instructor, certified by GUE (Global Underwater Explorers) in both Fundamentals and Recreational diving. He has been teaching with GUE since 2018 and is experienced in Cave, CCR, and Technical diving. Alain finds great joy in sharing his knowledge and passion for diving through transformative courses that empower divers to reach their full potential.

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